25 Wondrous Bookstores Throughout Turtle Island


image courtesy of goodnewsnetwork

  1. Munro’s Books (Victoria, British Columbia) Jim and Alice Munro  (oh yes, that Alice Munro) opened up this lovely nook of a book spot back in 1963.
  2. Glad Day Bookshop (Toronto, Ontario). They have every title to do with Pride.
  3. Pages on Kensington (Calgary Alberta)
  4. Type Books (Toronto, Ontario)
  5. Mondragon (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  6. Bookmark Inc. (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island + Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  7. Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore (Montreal, Quebec)
  8. Ella Minnow (Toronto, Ontairo
  9. Woozles (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  10. Owl’s Nest (Fredrichton, New Brunswick)
  11. Librairie Pantoute (Quebec City, Quebec)
  12. The World Bookstore (Montreal, Quebec)
  13. Black Squirrel Books & Tea (Ottawa, Ontario)
  14. Ben McNally Books (Toronto, Ontario)
  15. Bison Books (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  16. Wee Book Inn (Edmonton, Alberta)
  17. MacLeod’s Books (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  18. Russel Books (Victoria, British Columbia)
  19. Books & Company (Prince George, British Columbia)
  20. Wendel’s Bookstore and Cafe (Fort Langely, British Columbia)
  21. The Bookman (Chilliwack, British Columbia)
  22. Pandora’s Boox and Tea (Olds, Alberta)
  23. Mables Fables (Toronto, Ontario)
  24. Doug Miller Books (Toronto, Ontario)


With a complete bias, my personal favourite is Doug Miller’s. He has a sweet bunny who loves carrots, and walls packed floor to ceiling with just about all conceivable books. Science fiction, fantasy collections, philosophy, young adult fiction.. A definite must see whenever you drop into Toronto!


Where are your favourite bookstores? (I love adding to my list, there’s so many!)



Happy reading, dears 🙂


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