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What’s On Your Bookshelf?


Admit it, when you see a bookshelf, it’s a catch between admiration and jealousy.  I’m always scoping out new reads to add to my collection, and that usually involved standing hands on hips in front of my friends cases making a mental list of titles I am currently not in possession of.

The thing is, when a particular title pops out at you, it niggles away in your mind. And that’s why bookselfies are beautiful. A simple search on tumblr will reveal hundreds, if not thousands, of tastefully taken pictures with loaded down shelves in the background, along with a proud bookworm’s smiling face.

Truth be told, for myself, a room without a shelf feels a tad bit hollow. That’s why you’ll find half-opened novels scattered around my house, on every available service. It gives a home-y warmth to stroll around and pick up where you left off.

So tell me, who’re the authors gracing your favourite go-to shelf these days? Right now, Stephen Kings Under The Dome is staring me down, a long time favourite.